Tennis court evolving into a garden


Last March we bought a new piece of land right next to our house. This land was a tennis court in it’s former life. We don’t play tennis so we got rid of it. Below is an older picture of which area we mean. So we had a goal: Transform the Tennis court into a garden


How do you make the tarmac disappear? To do the job some guys were hired and a machine bought (which we sold again after it was done). 

A lorry we hired got rid of the rocks.

To lift the heaps onto the lorry, a small caterpillar was included in the price. We asked the driver of the cat if he could help to flatten our entrance. It’s where the lorry is standing in the pic above.

Far from perfect, but almost free and much better than before 🙂

The next step was tierra. We had a few truckloads of earth delivered and spread:

Later the future field should to grow vegetables and friends. Mr. Ex-Tennis should at least look like a vegetable field:

At first we grew salad, basil and oregano. As you can see below, the grass here outgrows everything,


A while later. The grass between where the people are standing is our field. We do not like weeding hours a week so our first “vegetable farm” was a failure.

A new idea took took longer than a week and less than a year of chilling to come to surface:

And this is where this post ends. We partly succeeded in our goal, to transform the Tennis court into a garden

The tennis court is no more and the grass problem solved in a very simple manner. We don’t spend hours a day weeding, we spend hours a day watering. But one thing at a time.

Salutations from Paraguay!

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