Building a “media sombra” for the poor, overheated vegetables


The Plan

Now vegetables like sun, some even like a lot of sun. But then there’s Paraguayan sun. Most vegetables (and what else we grow in that field) don’t really get too warm with the Paraguayan sun, causing them to get a sunburn or stop growing.
Our goal: Protecting our plants with a self built shade.

We had no idea of this when removed the tarmac and planted our first salad and pineapple. Thus we found out the hard way. Yeah, I’m serious here. It’s heartbreaking to hear your veggies moan for sun lotion everyday. Pretty expensive (they use a lot!). And counterproductive. You see, I’m online playing a Rocket League Soccer match, it’s 7:7, 30 seconds on the clock, and then you hear moaning from outside. Not lust, pain. Think of a nice torture movie and you get the picture).

We got the idea to build a “media sombra”, or half-shade, from the ICRC. To explain, tt’s basically a colored net you place a couple of meters over the plants like a roof. Only this roof lets through half of the light. Half the light here is more sunlight than Europe has in a year 🙁 )

Raw Materials

We bought black net and ordered some tree trunks. Tree trunks, destined to become the media-sombra-scaffold.

The work begins

We prepared these by drilling holes for wire and painting the lower meter with tar to stop moisture. Next we buried them in the ground. By itself this would be unstable, therefore another small pole was buried beside them to attach a wire for fixation.

Next we “planted” the trunks in the ground:DSC09465

Once that was done, we attached wires across the whole top area on which the media sombra would later “rest” on. Next we started to cover the rudimentary scaffold with said net.

You can see tree-seeds in the top row below, roughly the size of a large pebble. These were tied to the edges of the net, about 20 centimeters apart. To attach the net we strapped them around the wire. A relatively cost efficient, available method to fix the net (and time consuming).

Protecting our plants with a self built shade
Protecting our plants with a self built shade

On the right you can see the almost completed media sombra.

Now the veggies can grow in peace. I can play a Rocket League Match to the end. Yes, I am too softhearted to ignore their moaning. And the despised grass can grow even faster

We achieved our goal: Protecting our plants with a self built shade. Two positive aspects and only one negative one.

In our world, that’s called progress!

Protecting our plants with a self built shade

We hope you enjoyed this episode in getting our garden to let the plants grow 😉

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