Never enough time


Yeah, so we have a lot to do taking care of the garden, chilling, feeding the cats, chilling,  working on some songs, chilling, creating organigrams including complicated work-flows of all the different independently functioning organisms aiding our survival, chilling and time goes go by faster than one would think.It feels like there is never enough time. Here are some pictures that are not related to a certain project. Space or time fillers if you please 😉


It is difficult to believe that this picture is real when you look at it. We were so used to the 39+ temperatures in the summer that our bodies freaked out when it was colder 21°).

never enough time
Finally a proper water pipe

Yes, we finally have one. I was already through with my second self made one, which was made out of a plastic bottle, loads of rubber tube and more tape. Unfortunately I don’t have any good pics and it is meanwhile in retirement.

The thing I do best: being loud and freaking out

I can be be nice and peaceful too, honestly.

Our closest diner shown above offers hamburgers, pizza, döner kebabs, slightly cheaper than Europe. For a big pizza salami (25-30 cm) you pay about 5 Euros.

never enough time
Taking the neighbors dog for a stroll

The neighbors were on vacation.

During the mango season this was a daily ritual 🙂 And healthy.

never enough time
Karaoke at home

For more pictures you can visit the main gallery, which is finally working.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these insights to what it’s like down here.

See ya,


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