Wildlife in Ita


Roughly 25 km from our home there is a lovely town called Ita. We know that because we were there. Once. One of its main attractions is the lagoon, inhabited by caimans (small alligators if you didn’t know). We also made a short video to accompany the post. Enjoy!

Lagoon inhabited by caimans

One of our local amigos played guide for us and made sure we didn’t get lost.

The size of the lagoon (there are bigger ones, but this one is located in a town) and the color palette of the whole scenery made a lasting impression on us. Below are two pictures that we feel capture this feeling.

The largest inhabitants are the before mentioned caimans:

As you can see below, the birds and the caimans live in harmony and even share their lunch. Well, we didn’t actually see them sharing a fish, but the birds were so cool about the presence of the predators that our imagination did the rest 😉

Lagoon inhabited by caimans

No, the caiman did not catch a bird 😉

If you’re want to see more of the lagoon inhabited by caimans, please view more pictures in our main gallery and the video we embedded below.

That’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed the pictures and the video. Please leave a comment if you like it. Why don’t you give us feedback on what you would like us to hear about next?

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