Installing an irrigation system


The daily routine of watering our garden was quite tedious. After building a Media Sombra, installing an irrigation system seemed like the next logical step to increase our chill-time.

At first we installed pipes all around our garden to have access to the life giving liquid.

The pipes had to be fixated.

Installing an irrigation system

We also connected the whole system to our mini reservoir, which we acquired due to occasional water shortages.

Installing an irrigation system

Sufficient water for the drip irrigation was assured.

Next we bought a drip irrigation hose.

To attach the hoses to the pipes we first had to drill holes into them and then install the connectors (available at the same shop).

In our garden we buried the hoses to protect them from the nasty lawn mower.

Installing an irrigation system

The hoses didn’t need to get buried in our vegetable field

Installing an irrigation system

Installing an irrigation system wasn’t that difficult after all. Now we can chill while the plants get wet. To see more pictures of the installation please visit our Gallery.

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