Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field


On the part of our field shown below, we planted pineapples back in mid 2019. Back then we lacked the experience we have now :-P. Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field became important (lots of work). We decided to engulf the weed in darkness.

On the left picture in the back is where we are going to give the pineapples better living conditions. 

At first it was up to us to carefully remove all glass, cigarette buts and used condoms out of their new homes. No pictures. Use your imagination. Then we loosened up the earth and removed as many weeds as we could without breaking a sweat.

These are the new, partially improved pineapple living quarters 🙂

Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field

From professional farmers we learnt that it was effective to cover up the soil with plastic foil to prevent the exorbitant growth of weeds. As a rule of thumb : Here, everything you DO NOT want grows as if on steroids…

To give the plastic foil more stability we attached bamboo poles (“borrowed” from a neighbor) at the long sides and fixed them with cable ties. This works so well we should patent the idea…

Then we covered the pineapples new quarters with the new and improved plastic foil and enjoyed the view.

Next in line was to cut holes for our small pineapple-kiddies.

Before we actually planted them, we modified the existing irrigation system to water the pineapples more efficiently.

And more of the same (we love details 🙂 )

Just a quick test to see if the hoses work as intended. We weren’t disappointed 🙂

Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field
Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field

Now that the pineapple-kiddies had flowing water it was time to reinstall their perforated roof.

Finally it we let the small pineapples move in. They were so happy about the shade and the flowing water that they promised me to grow real big and juicy. Norman meant I just smoked to much, but I am sure they used telepathy on me.

Yeah, so that’s it. We have new, telepathic pineapples living in private condos which are pretty comfy. No more daily watering at 40° in the shade thanks to the irrigation, no more weekly plucking weed thanks to our new and improved Bambo-Fixated-Blackened-Plastic-Foil-Of-Sun-Blocking (Yeah, I am a Diablo kiddie^^)


We succeeded in hindering weed growth in our vegetable field. Hopefully you enjoyed following our pineapple crusade!

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