Diary of a nerd evolving into a gardener


The time of my coming out has come! I was a nerd!

I always found the idea of 20 people (plus 2 goalies) chasing a ball pretty amusing considering the fact that footballs aren’t that expensive. I just bought my own ball, was happy with it and ignored the people fighting over their one ball as if it were made of pure gold.

So I had my own ball and alot of time.

Because all other kids were busy chasing balls I was also alone, which meant I had alot of time for computer games, which basically makes me a nerd.

There, I said it.

Now that that is out of the way I can start on what this posting is about. It’s not about the nerd in me I want to write, it’s rather about the nerd trying to “unnerd” himself.

For the last 20 years my work involved programming, cleaning databases and other stuff nerds usually do. In Germany I always lived in apartments and never had a garden. I had a ball and a computer, I didn’t need a garden.

Fast forward two years and here I am in Paraguay with land and grass to plant things. We even built ourselves a vegetable garden. The first time I started to plant vegetables in it was a disaster; the veggies died a slow, dry death in which I played a major role. I learnt that being a gardener is not just drinking beer an watching the garden. I also learnt (once again) that it takes time to change ones habits and adapt new ones (like watering the veggies).

In order to please the nerd-in-me I decided to start this diary. Hopefully one day I will evolve into a successfull gardener and eat my own vegetables, but that day is still far away. In this diary I will collect my experiences (and failures) so that future generations will learn from my failings:-)

For this first entry I uploaded pictures of how we built our vegetable garden. This is our Growstation Uno. Uno as in one because soon we will build a second one. Click on the picture below to enter the gallery.

Plants in our garden


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