Wildlife in Ita

Roughly 25 km from our home there is a lovely town called Ita. We know that because we were there. Once. One of its main attractions is the lagoon, inhabited by caimans (small alligators if you didn’t know). We also made a short video to accompany the post. Enjoy!

Lagoon inhabited by caimans

One of our local amigos played guide for us and made sure we didn’t get lost.

The size of the lagoon (there are bigger ones, but this one is located in a town) and the color palette of the whole scenery made a lasting impression on us. Below are two pictures that we feel capture this feeling.

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Yesterday was one of the days we actually “worked”

Yesterday was a long day that went fast. I know it sounds kind of weird, but that’s exactly how it felt. Late at night it’s cooler here, a nice time to spend outside, taking pictures or standing on an old tennis court on the property, just gazing at the stars, dreaming. Due to these dazzling stars we only slept about 2 1/2 hours last night since we had to get up at 6:30.

After breakfast and the obligatory dip in the pool we got ready for the day. Our landlord gave us a ride to Villarrica, where we met up with the person helping us to get the permanent residence permit (Cedula).

We spent the next couple hours visiting a notary to get some documents certified and a bank to open up an account while driving miles and taking pictures in between. By the time we were on the way home my eyes were constantly closing and my eyesight was playing tricks on me due to lack of nourishment. At least everything else had worked out without any complications and we took some nice pictures on the road to and from Villarrica.

The rest of the day was just chilling by the pool and recovering 😉

While I’m sitting here by the pool typing this blog, the sound of nature around me fascinates me. Crickets chirping, dogs barking and chicken cockadoodledooing at midnight. Occasionly a car in the distance, overall very soothing and peaceful.

A good way to end a busy day.

P.S. We’ll upload the pictures soon 😉