Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field

On the part of our field shown below, we planted pineapples back in mid 2019. Back then we lacked the experience we have now :-P. Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field became important (lots of work). We decided to engulf the weed in darkness.

On the left picture in the back is where we are going to give the pineapples better living conditions. 

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Tennis court evolving into a garden

Last March we bought a new piece of land right next to our house. This land was a tennis court in it’s former life. We don’t play tennis so we got rid of it. Below is an older picture of which area we mean. So we had a goal: Transform the Tennis court into a garden


How do you make the tarmac disappear? To do the job some guys were hired and a machine bought (which we sold again after it was done). 

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