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So here’s the deal.My friend and band colleague Norman and I, Jan, have decided to live in Paraguay. Well, not until the end of the year, but our first trip was in March ’18 and there we made the decision.

Okay, a bit about us:

For the first 20 years of my life I grew up in Africa and Sri-Lanka due to my parents. The next 20 years I spent in Germany trying to find out why I am here. I found out a lot in those 20 years but I never really felt at home in Germany.

Norman is the exact opposite, well, kind of. He has never really left Germany and is enjoying life pretty much there. But we have one thing in commom: dreams.

So there we are, the year is 2018, it is winter, we are at Normans house jamming, and I suddenly ask him, without thinking, “Yo, do you want to go to Paraguay?” 5 Seconds later he replied “Sure”

And a plan was made.

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