Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field

On the part of our field shown below, we planted pineapples back in mid 2019. Back then we lacked the experience we have now :-P. Hindering weed growth in our vegetable field became important (lots of work). We decided to engulf the weed in darkness.

On the left picture in the back is where we are going to give the pineapples better living conditions. 

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Wildlife in Ita

Roughly 25 km from our home there is a lovely town called Ita. We know that because we were there. Once. One of its main attractions is the lagoon, inhabited by caimans (small alligators if you didn’t know). We also made a short video to accompany the post. Enjoy!

Lagoon inhabited by caimans

One of our local amigos played guide for us and made sure we didn’t get lost.

The size of the lagoon (there are bigger ones, but this one is located in a town) and the color palette of the whole scenery made a lasting impression on us. Below are two pictures that we feel capture this feeling.

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Never enough time

Yeah, so we have a lot to do taking care of the garden, chilling, feeding the cats, chilling,  working on some songs, chilling, creating organigrams including complicated work-flows of all the different independently functioning organisms aiding our survival, chilling and time goes go by faster than one would think.It feels like there is never enough time. Here are some pictures that are not related to a certain project. Space or time fillers if you please 😉


It is difficult to believe that this picture is real when you look at it. We were so used to the 39+ temperatures in the summer that our bodies freaked out when it was colder 21°).

never enough time
Finally a proper water pipe

Yes, we finally have one. I was already through with my second self made one, which was made out of a plastic bottle, loads of rubber tube and more tape. Unfortunately I don’t have any good pics and it is meanwhile in retirement.

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New section Our Garden

Due to a request of one of our Donators (thank you #therealtrump) we added a new section that is dedicated to the plants in our garden. This section will be periodically updated with new information, as well as pictures showcasing the diversity and growth of our plants.

Click on the new menu entry above (or if that is too much of an effort please feel free to just click on this or on the image below

New section Our Garden

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Building a “media sombra” for the poor, overheated vegetables

The Plan

Now vegetables like sun, some even like a lot of sun. But then there’s Paraguayan sun. Most vegetables (and what else we grow in that field) don’t really get too warm with the Paraguayan sun, causing them to get a sunburn or stop growing.
Our goal: Protecting our plants with a self built shade.

We had no idea of this when removed the tarmac and planted our first salad and pineapple. Thus we found out the hard way. Yeah, I’m serious here. It’s heartbreaking to hear your veggies moan for sun lotion everyday. Pretty expensive (they use a lot!). And counterproductive. You see, I’m online playing a Rocket League Soccer match, it’s 7:7, 30 seconds on the clock, and then you hear moaning from outside. Not lust, pain. Think of a nice torture movie and you get the picture).

We got the idea to build a “media sombra”, or half-shade, from the ICRC. To explain, tt’s basically a colored net you place a couple of meters over the plants like a roof. Only this roof lets through half of the light. Half the light here is more sunlight than Europe has in a year 🙁 )

Raw Materials

We bought black net and ordered some tree trunks. Tree trunks, destined to become the media-sombra-scaffold.

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The Pictures section is improved

The pictures menu of the website has had a complete overhaul. All gallery updates prior to this posting will probably not work.

Therefore it is better to go to the Main Gallery directly, via the menu at the top. Like this you won’t have to deal with the broken links. If you have a Pinterest account you can view a Pinterest gallery in the pictures section above. More will follow.


Tennis court evolving into a garden

Last March we bought a new piece of land right next to our house. This land was a tennis court in it’s former life. We don’t play tennis so we got rid of it. Below is an older picture of which area we mean. So we had a goal: Transform the Tennis court into a garden


How do you make the tarmac disappear? To do the job some guys were hired and a machine bought (which we sold again after it was done). 

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