Who I am

I’m Jan. I think of myself as the average Joe from next door with a normal job, living in normal a flat who unwantingly had a life so far that was not very normal.

First things first. A cynical, logical, romantic dreamer? How does that fit? Cynical due to the scars life left. Logical as I work as a programmer. Romantic because I love love (no typo, I find that one should do everything with passion) and I like the Film “Titanic” and a dreamer because… well, that’s why this page is here 🙂

My life began traveling a lot due to my fathers job, then trying out a normal one in Germany. Lately I’m pretty satisfied with life, if there wouldn’t be the philosophical side of me that makes me think too much 😉

About myself?

When I moved back to Germany I went on the quest of finding a job I liked. That took me approximately 15 years, but now that challenge is complete. Like “Sisters of Mercy” once said,


After writing most of my life, sometimes more and sometimes rather the opposite, I started to dream of turning some of my poems into music. So I gave the guitar a shot.

Playing guitar wasn’t enough, so I had to start to sing Moitoo. That was kind of weird for someone who was always told he can’t sing, but who cares what the others say, right?

And it’s working.

At time of writing it is December 2014 and until this moment I have written about 20 songtexts in the last 3 months. I will publish them on youtube and here once I manage to turn the texts into songs 🙂

The way I get exited about things got me to pursue many different hobbies.

Windsurfing, Beach Volleyball, Programming, Writing, Camping, Wandering, I love ’em all, but I believe to have found my true passion in the singer/songwriter corner.

It somehow feels that I have spent my whole life searching for the one thing that fulfills me – and that I have finally found it.

The years will show 🙂

Anyways, if you’re still here thanks for reading this far and I hope you will find the one poem or the other which you’ll like. Feel free to leave a comment in the guest book.

Jan Wendler