Kings or Fools

12.06.2016 – Kings or Fools

After jamming regularly  for about half a year we decided to name us Kings or Fools.

The Band consists of

Jester      – Vocals and Bass Guitar
JaW          – Vocals and Rythm Guitar


12.06.2016 – We decided to give us a name

Apart from naming us Kings or Fools we made progress on our current project, “Verletzlich“.


Continued working on our current project “Verletzlich


Due to the fact that our progress in “Verletzlich” ist kind of stagnating we decided to start working on another project next week.


We’re back to 2 people now, but I think it’s for the better. I took over the E-Guitar and Jester the percussion. It’s not possible to perform live this way, but it’s better for us in a learning and experience sense.

In the meantime we stopped our work on “Verletzlich” and started a new song,  “Catalyst“.

Our progress on “Catalyst” was slowing down so we took our first Song, “Kings or Fools” and are remaking it; we’re making good progress. I learnt one thing in the past years, everything with music takes time 😉