Schlagwort-Archive: Reason to live



I tried to figure out a plan
So much I didn’t understand
I thought about it an eternity
So long something nearly snapped in me

And a little over the edge
Somehow it broke open a cage
Something cracked inside of me
Freed my soul made me believe

To write makes me understand
Let’s me think makes me apprehend
Making music gives me courage
Soothes the thirsty inner rage

To play lets me be free
Makes me alive and lets me scream
But only love makes me a man
Who can cry, dream and laugh again

Jan Wendler

If I ever wrote a poem that defines me this is it.




All my life, wherever I am, whatever I do,
Something follows me.

A feeling, lack of feeling, an overflowing void,
It makes good life so rare.

All this time I spend, waiting.
Watching my body grow, people die, faces lie, souls cry,

I wait, wait to love, to be loved, to feel love.
Wait to live life, to want life, to live,
Wait for success, for truth.
Wait for acceptance,

Just wait…
And wait.

Jan Wendler


Yeah, just a small poem about the thing we spend most of our lives doing…