Schlagwort-Archive: Hurt

The betrayal of myself

The betrayal of myself

Put all hope in the hands of a stranger
Ignoring friends that shouted “danger”
The truth I lived transformed with time
Turned out to be one hell of a lie

Believing words was all I could do
Ignoring facts that others knew
Each word spinning inside the head
Everything important was left unsaid

Words in my head kept spinning around
Clarity was never found
Words are just words not to be kept
Each one hindering me to forget

I am the betrayed in this bitter game
Betrayed with only myself to blame
All because I dared to believe
But all I did was to misconceive

Jan Wendler

I guess I’me trying to come to terms with myself.


Bittersweet Dream

Bittersweet Dream

Rays of sun shining on my face
Just as it was when it all began
Since then there was a fall from grace
It hurts so much to give a damn

Misunderstandings on every turn
All of a sudden everything changed
All hope that was was left to burn
Everything in the head felt so estranged

The book of time kept turning pages
The memories were on repeat
Like this each day went on for ages
Helpless and alone out on the streets

It’s a bittersweet dream
Not knowing, just feeling
A bittersweet dream
If there is only believing
Yeah such a bittersweet dream for me

Looking at me with tears in her eyes
Tears like rain in the bluest of skies
It hadn’t been me who had said goodbye
Still it ripped me apart I didn’t know why

Nothing felt normal anymore
All feelings so out of reach
Every small try to settle the score
Made me feel more impeached

Driving through the roads at night
Nothing shutting up the mind
Lights so blurry passing by
Each one makes me see those eyes

This bittersweet dream
Doesn’t have to be
All I wanted was honesty
Oh take this bittersweet dream from me
It hurts inside like a greek tragedy

All I wanted was to take the blame from me
All I wanted was to again sleep deep
I never wanted it to end this way
Never expected so much pain to stay

Oh take this bittersweet dream from me
Dear Lord please set me free

Jan Wendler

This is about a memory.