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A Man called Joe

A man called Joe

This is the story
Of a man called Joe
He is not a happy man
But in his life he’s got a plan

Searching all his life
He never gave it up
That’s his greatest fight
And so life made him tough

He dreamt his lost dreams
He screamed silent screams
He cried hidden tears
And battled his ancient fears

In his life it’s been more than enough
Now’s the time to get it out of his blood
This time he’s gotta leave this place
For him it’s his only escape

In Round 1 he gave it all up
Everything just got too much
But the fight has just begun
There’s so much more than Round 1

Hope is the weapon of his choice
Listening to his inner voice
Giving up never was in his heart
The future paves the way for a fresh start.

Jan Wendler

I guess many peope will read this poem differently 🙂 At least my friends did 😉
It is about a normal man fighting his war.


The Daily Routine

The Daily Routine

I wake up in the morning and get ready for work,
Maybe today I’ll not act this jerk.
I get in the train, and then she steps in,
It’s now that all my dilemmas begin.

I look at her and don’t know what I see,
I’m scared that with her I’d no longer be free.
But without her I cannot stop to ponder,
How she smells, how she feels or how she tastes, I wonder.

When I look at her I wonder who she is,
Is she a goddess from heaven or from hell a kiss?
Is she just like me and my buds?
A simple human made of flesh and blood?

When she doesn’t see me I wonder why,
But when she looks I blush real shy.
Next she leaves and I’m full of pain,
Oh why did I play the jerk again?

Well, then comes the night when I lie in bed,
It’s then all these thoughts flood through my head.
If I wouldn’t always act the way I do,
Then in my bed she could tell me “I love you too”.

I think of her while drifting into my dreams,
How I hope it all will not stay how it seems.
At least I know that she’ll always be there,
Together with me in my dreams, everywhere.

Jan Wendler
20 February 1997

I guess we all know this. Riding to work, this gorgeous babe steps in the train and one starts dreaming…


Another Dream

Another Dream

I dream my dream on every day
And always long for it to stay
I wish that someday it will be real
Thus exalted I will then just feel

The dream is perfume in my ear,
The scent I smell when you are near
Right know I wish I could once more
Dream my dream and not feel sore

Tomorrow will be another day
But I know this feeling will not go away
It will follow me into my sleep
It will cut me with its burning heat

A dream is like a vampires kiss
You’ve got to believe me when I tell you this
First it makes you feel so fine
But then it ends up the ultimate crime

A dream, perfume, drifting in a breeze
It won’t come back so it can please
Once it is gone it will stay away,
No matter what you do or what you say.

Jan Wendler
25. October 1996

Same girl as the previous poem. She lived in another country and I only met her visiting a friend.


A Dream

A Dream

The night sheds its beauty when you step into sight,
You shine like a star, so incredibly bright.
When you’re not here, I am so alone,
It’s then I remember, how on me you shone.

But alas, that time is now past,
Yet in my memory, it will always last.
Right now, all that I want to see,
Your smile, your laugh, just be with me.

Soon I will come out of this dream,
But everything may not stay how it seems.
Maybe someday, fate will prepare,
A life for us, no matter where.

Every deed is worth doing for you,
Hell I’d enter, and go right through,
The devil I’d meet, and leave behind,
For my intention is as good as your love is kind.

We are so young, such a long way to go,
With you it’s all clear, that, I just now.
In my dreams, you’ll always shine,
Today tomorrow, all the time.

These words are clumsy, some rhymes are poor,
But the meaning is honest, of that I am sure.
You’ve got to believe me, these feelings are true,
And smile, my darling, for this poems for you.

Jan Wendler

This was my first poem… I remember it was for this girl who was visiting my best friend in her vacation… but like so often nothing ever happened. She never even saw this 🙂