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Unknown Beauty

Unknown Beauty

Sie sah mich zuerst und schaute mich an,
Ich fühlte wie ihr Blick in mich eindrang.
Ich sah ihr Lächeln und ich glaubte das hier,
Dieses nur einem galt – und zwar mir.

Sie war das Leben, die Liebe, die Kraft,
Ein Geschöpf mit einer göttlichen Macht.
Ihr Lachen, Ihre Augen, Ihre Mund, Ihre Haut,
Sie anzufassen hab’ ich mich nicht getraut.

Ich kenn’ nicht mal ihren Namen,
Ich weiß nicht mal wo sie wohnt,
Ich brauche sie – ich muss sie haben,
Ich bin seit dem Tag nur noch in Not.

Sie ist dort draußen – weit, weit, fort,
Ich wünschte ich könnte mit ihr sein dort.
Ich fühle mich sinnlos ohne ihren Blick,
So sinnlos dass mich die Luft die ich atme erstickt.

Ich möchte sie Lieben doch ich weiß nicht wie,
Da ich den Namen meines Engels werde erfahren nie.

Jan Wendler
02. September 1999

I guess this is for some of the ladys out there that one sees 😉




On a winter night when all was dark,
I saw a star, a light, a spark.
She came so sudden from far away,
But for a while she did surely stay.

She stole my heart, but not like a thief,
More like a goddess, so I believed.
The way she moved, the way she danced,
It was not long till I was entranced.

Her smile, her laughter, her eyes, her grace,
Filled up all the empty space.
Her eyes pierced my heart like a long shiny knife,
This made me wake up, she made me come alive.

She left a wound in my aching chest,
For of all that I’ve seen she was simply the best.
All too quickly the night neared ist end,
Now only she can my broken heart mend.

Her memory makes me last through the day,
Oh, why is my angel so far away?
I’ve seen the sun, the brightest light,
Out in the dark on a winters night.

I found the woman, so sweet so true.
Niko, oh Niko, I long for you.
Niko, oh Niko, can you hear me call?
Without your love I will certainly fall.

Jan Wendler
14 January 1998

Only saw her for one night as we lived on other continents…


The Daily Routine

The Daily Routine

I wake up in the morning and get ready for work,
Maybe today I’ll not act this jerk.
I get in the train, and then she steps in,
It’s now that all my dilemmas begin.

I look at her and don’t know what I see,
I’m scared that with her I’d no longer be free.
But without her I cannot stop to ponder,
How she smells, how she feels or how she tastes, I wonder.

When I look at her I wonder who she is,
Is she a goddess from heaven or from hell a kiss?
Is she just like me and my buds?
A simple human made of flesh and blood?

When she doesn’t see me I wonder why,
But when she looks I blush real shy.
Next she leaves and I’m full of pain,
Oh why did I play the jerk again?

Well, then comes the night when I lie in bed,
It’s then all these thoughts flood through my head.
If I wouldn’t always act the way I do,
Then in my bed she could tell me “I love you too”.

I think of her while drifting into my dreams,
How I hope it all will not stay how it seems.
At least I know that she’ll always be there,
Together with me in my dreams, everywhere.

Jan Wendler
20 February 1997

I guess we all know this. Riding to work, this gorgeous babe steps in the train and one starts dreaming…


The Child

The Child

You are the child of laughter and grace,
Those are the lines written on your face.
You’re dark hair shining in the evening light,
You’re smile, binding me in the darkest night.

You are the child that comes in my sleep,
The one, so often, for whom I weep.
I see you, with my inner eye,
It’s then I know you are no lie.

You are the child, the one and only,
Without your love, the world is lonely.
In the midst of crows you are a dove,
My dove, sweet one, my immortal love.

When I see you, I become alive,
When I see you, warmth does arrive.
When I see you, the pain is gone,
When I see you, I know good has won.

If I am the desert, dying of thirst,
You are the cloud full of rain, please burst.
If I am the delinquent who has gone astray,
You’ll be the guide to show me the way.

These are the words I’ll always say,
To see you once more, I always pray.
I pray to god to make me strong,
So I can see where we belong.

Jan Wendler
01 November 1996

This was for a very special person I met when I was 15.


Another Dream

Another Dream

I dream my dream on every day
And always long for it to stay
I wish that someday it will be real
Thus exalted I will then just feel

The dream is perfume in my ear,
The scent I smell when you are near
Right know I wish I could once more
Dream my dream and not feel sore

Tomorrow will be another day
But I know this feeling will not go away
It will follow me into my sleep
It will cut me with its burning heat

A dream is like a vampires kiss
You’ve got to believe me when I tell you this
First it makes you feel so fine
But then it ends up the ultimate crime

A dream, perfume, drifting in a breeze
It won’t come back so it can please
Once it is gone it will stay away,
No matter what you do or what you say.

Jan Wendler
25. October 1996

Same girl as the previous poem. She lived in another country and I only met her visiting a friend.