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Seasons in pain

Seasons in pain

The inner tears flow by
No more bright blue sky
Right now autumn’s coming
Sunshine next to nothing

The heart lost in belonging
It just can’t stop worrying
To catch the sight on the lawn
The glimpse of one lonely snowman

Sometimes there is this anger
Forgetting all the danger
Forgetting that in some other time
Spring will come full of sunshine

And the inner battle
Thoughts that never settle
Ignoring the summer that will arrive
Forgetting the beauty of this life

Jan Wendler

4 Seasons every year has, sometimes the inner seasons, the ones in your head, don’t change…


A Memory

A memory

I dream about another time,
Not sure whether it was ever mine.
I dream about another place,
Home and love and a future I taste.

Did I have a former life,
In which the sky was bursting with light?
In which the sun was full of hope?
In which the question was not to cope?

Is my life just one big dream?
Where are the times it went downstream?
Why is the present so damn estranged?
Everything sometimes feels so deranged.

As the book of life slowly turns its page,
We find ourselves building our own cage.
Each one of us lives in their own world,
And everyone believes in their own words.

It’s up to us to open our eyes,
It’s up to us to show others our light.
It’s up to us to stop with hate,
And make our time a better place.

Jan Wendler

I got the information that a teacher I once had passed away. I practically only have fond memories of him. This is not about him, but his death made me think alot about the past lately and how things have changed.I wonder what he would say to this poem.