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Breath of Heaven

The dark of an alley,
T’was a wonderful sight,
Could it be an angel
That descended tonight?

Memory is just a blur,
Emotion that shines bright.
Deep Inside it feels so right,
This all fulfilling light.

Felt the breath of heaven,
With eyes of cobalt blue.
Was touched by an angel,
And suddenly I knew.

Jan Wendler


Better Future

Hard times lie ahead of us
Too many people are out of luck
Hope somewhere in the lost and found
Fortune standing on shaky ground

One step at a time is all we can do
All we can do to pull it through
To think further ahead is beyond our grasp
It might frighten us and make us gasp

Let us pray for a better future
And let’s pray for a better life
Let us all pray and sing together
And together, hope we’ll find

We’re all struggling to get by
Aren’t sure on what we can rely
Now we’re forgetting what really matters
Too often all our dreams were shattered

Yeah we’re trying to survive
Out in a jungle called our lives
Wary of lions that cross our path
Each one could be a sociopath

Let us learn to forgive each other
Let us fight for a better world
All our hate has to be smothered
So that compassion will be unfurled

Let us pray for a better future
And let’s pray for a better life
Let us all live and love together
And together, peace we’ll find

Jan Wendler



Didn’t know I could feel this way,
Too long I felt I was the prey.
Hid behind my wall of sorrow,
Rued the past scared of tomorrow.

Felt there was so much to repent,
Thoughts so busy with torment.
Strutted along a narrow road,
Feelings wanting to implode.

Now  I am healing
Forgiving Life
There’s no more fleeing
Only to survive

Forgot there was light on the way,
Didn’t hear what life had to say.
Made it easy by blaming others,
Each one sailing under different colours.

Time was always my best friend,
It takes so long for a soul to mend.
Bit by bit the colours returned,
Little by little despise was adjourned.

Now  I am healing
Hope is revived
There’s no more hiding
Yes, I am alive!

Never gonna go this road again!
Gonna get up and break these chains!
Gonna change the rules this games is played!
Being broken is so mundane!

I am healing
Hope is revived.
There’s no more fleeing,
Yes, I am alive!

Jan Wendler

About life and what it can do to us, about growing up, regaining strength.


It’s all about the perspective

It’s all about the Perspective

Somewhere out on another plane,
Another perspective with different frames.
With another viewpoint it’s never the same,
From another angle it’s a different game.

Humans struggling around like ants,
Nature had a different stand.
Raise their hands to her command,
Even when things get out of hand.

What if history was changed?
If our lives were estranged?
What if memories were rearranged?
If our bloodlines were betrayed?

Who determines the definition of size?
Does a silver spoon make you win a prize?
Who still fights when all hope dies?
Truth often wears a blurry disguise.

What is right and who is flawed?
To whose ideas do we applaud?
Most of us are in the same squad,
Let’s live together with no more fraud.

Jan Wendler

I wanted to write something about the current political situation in Europe. I don’t understand the stand of many germans when they say that they want closed borders. In other words they are saying that they’d rather see humans die than to help…


The betrayal of myself

The betrayal of myself

Put all hope in the hands of a stranger
Ignoring friends that shouted “danger”
The truth I lived transformed with time
Turned out to be one hell of a lie

Believing words was all I could do
Ignoring facts that others knew
Each word spinning inside the head
Everything important was left unsaid

Words in my head kept spinning around
Clarity was never found
Words are just words not to be kept
Each one hindering me to forget

I am the betrayed in this bitter game
Betrayed with only myself to blame
All because I dared to believe
But all I did was to misconceive

Jan Wendler

I guess I’me trying to come to terms with myself.