I am

I am

I am the sparrow and I am the crow
I am the one that will not show
I am the one that will not last
I am the one living too fast

I am the clown with a painted laugh
I am the fighter that can’t get enough
I am the serpent with no poison within
I am the bullfrog with a skin so thin

I am no Romeo but suffering in pain
I am no betrayer yet still full of shame
I am no shadow but never the same
I am no gambler yet playing his game

I am the laughter coming out of my heart
I am the forgiveness for a fresh start
I am the priest born to believe
I am the orphan filled with grief

I am true passion longing for words
I am a voice that no one has heard
I am the child frightend by scares
I am the monster in no ones nightmares

Jan Wendler

What do you expect from a cynical romatic dreamer?


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