Summertime is starting early this year
Beauty and love are everywhere
A butterfly up high in the sky
Spreading its wings learning to fly

Each breath taken feels new to me
The mind being utterly free
No regrets burden the thoughts
Inside the heart there is no remorse

Everything suddenly seems so clear
Brightness around smothers all fear
The future is nothing but a mystery
Hope is that what always guides me

Lightning will not interrupt my flight
Dark clouds will not blinden my sight
Thunder will not scare me away
Rain will drive away all birds of prey

A look in the mirror proves it’s still just me
No judas tree and no killer bee
No posing to cover up my game
No charade put on to betray

My butterfly will not be caught
It will survive the longest drought
My butterfly has found the sun
And never will this come undone

I am free

Jan Wendler

In my latest poem, Free, I somehow tried to express how I feel at the moment. Spring is underway, all hopes for a great summer are high. There are many great things to do and it’s full of chances and sun and freedom.

I realized a couple of things about myself lately that have burdened my heart for a very long time without me knowing… It feels great to be able to finally be able to grasp them.

I fell asleep with a smile yesterday 🙂


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