Monday Morning

Monday morning

Here we are it’s monday morning,
And again the whole world is turning.
The weekend’s over we’re back on track,
We’re gonna do it there’s no turning back.

Full of energy we dive into work,
Law of the elbow having to become first.
Thinking progressive living really fast,
Looking forward, ignoring the past.

We are the hero’s of our working day,
Defining ourselves through what we get paid.
Searching for friends along the same line,
All who get less aren’t worth our time.

But we are the backbone of this land,
It’s up to us to understand.
The future is all in our hands,
It’s up to us to make a stand.

We are all hope that we will get,
It’s up to us to never forget,
That we are the ones to take the next step,
In being the hand for that we cry out for help.

Jan Wendler

I wrote this on the way to work on a monday, thinking of the normal working day and how fast everyone lives without looking to the left or right. I guess it’s a plea for people to open their eyes and take their foot of the accelerator. I heard a saying once, “Life happens while your planning other things”


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