Hello me
Long-time no see
Where have you been?
Only appeared in my dreams

Hello world
It’s great to be here
Not at all clear
Why there still is fear

Hello life
Nice to be back
I’ll try to pay you back
Stop believing in black

Hello pain
Here we go again
Will you ever end?
I don’t understand

Hello time
Thought you’d be on my side
Thought you’d make things right
Thought you could ease the fight

Hello friend
I might need help
Cannot pretend
I’ll manage myself

Hello fear
Leave and I won’t cry a tear
Every time you are near
Real life I can’t hear

Hello me
Here I am on my knees
My heart prays to be free
I’ve got myself to redeem.

Jan Wendler

Somewhere in life I got lost, trying to be someone I am not. Much later somehow the person I once used to be has awakened from his time out.
Okay, a bit melodramatic, but that’s the way the poet in me likes to think about it. ????


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