Being alive just humbles me
Knowledge of the mind being utterly free
With open eyes there’s so much to see
With an open mind one can still believe

There are so many different places to go
On the road or in your head is up to you
No matter which path you eventually choose
If you stay on its road than you will find truth

Have you ever just stood there enjoying each breath?
Did you ever understand the beauty of death?
Did you ever really have to fight to be free?
Do you believe in true beauty or think it’s a dream?

I had forgotten the feeling to be really alive
I thank all my friends for staying by my side
I even thank everyone I hardly know
Without knowing it so much they did show

Jan Wendler

A wave of awareness struck me. I met many people in my life, with both positive and negative experiences, many I liked, some (many more???) I disliked, but every person somehow taught me something, however small and however unimportant.
I know I am thankful for that and I also know many people don’t know it. This is for those people.


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