Riding on a winters day.

Riding on a winters day

Riding bus the way to town
On a winters day.
Not sure whether to smile or frown,
Don’t know what to say.

Wanting but not needing,
Better to stay alone.
Working on the feelings,
To finally find a home.

Never felt this way before
Something inside is free
Living civilized but feeling raw
Experiencing the extreme

Wake up each day hope for the best
Mostly it works out.
Then the jester fumbles the rest
And back it goes way down.

Driving away and leaving town
Still on a winters day
Forcing a smile before laying down
To shut inner fears away.

Jan Wendler

This is a poem about someone living a life he was born into but realizing he got lost somewhere along the way. This is a poem about struggling to make it right in everyday life and realizing that the task is not that easy. A poem about searching and not necessarily finding.


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