Ahead is barred
Nowhere to go
Feeling mislead
Raped in the head

The path now clear
And full of hope
We are guided
All parts cohere

The road is the same
Nothing has changed
Only the perception
With which we play the game

Everytime something in our life leaves
We just see hurt inside we weep
Through anxiety new hope is born
And it is ours to keep.

Smile, think of the times that are past,
Don’t regret unsaid nor cry hidden tears.
In your mind good will always last,
Constantly be near.

Life is a path full of doors ahead
Some open most shut tight
The closed ones are mostly in your head
True Freedom is worth the fight.

Jan Wendler

This poem is about perception.
About always having the option to look at an event from different angles. And about…what was that famous saying?
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.
I guess it goes somewhere along that line, be happy for the times you had and look forward.


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