Mama Irene

Mama Irene

Mama Irene lives in Uganda,
She is not rich but full of wonder.
A mother of children that are forsaken,
A mother to children who need a safe haven.

Yo Paddy what about you,
When you finish school what will you do?
Will you become a poet and write a book?
Or amaze the world with your gift to cook?

Hi precious Gift chatting all day,
When you shut up you laugh anyway 🙂
When you’re big you will show all,
The power with which you can kick your football.

Come little Amon let’s give you a hug,
With your mother away you have suffered enough.
When you dance like a man with your beautiful big eyes,
When you’re older in disco’s you’ll be the biggest prize 🙂

Fiona my dear come climb on my shoulders,
See how it will look like when you get older.
With your love for music and your powerful will,
Your future will always go uphill 🙂

And Luke my boy, you’ll never be last,
You’ll be a Rally Car driver and be really fast.
Luke, young man, if you try hard enough,
You WILL find your treasure, your one big love 🙂

Irene lives down in Uganda,
For these children she is THE wonder.
Mama Irene, I thank you from the depth of my heart,
For you have shown us all that there is a spark 🙂

God bless you,


I wrote this poem for Mama Irene 🙂 I joined an aid organisation, Help for a Smile (see Links section) that raises money to support children in Uganda that lost their parents. Mama Irene is the lady in Uganda that takes care of the children. The text might be a little weird for the unknowing reader, but the verses for the children are based on notes I took during a presentation.


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