On a winter night when all was dark,
I saw a star, a light, a spark.
She came so sudden from far away,
But for a while she did surely stay.

She stole my heart, but not like a thief,
More like a goddess, so I believed.
The way she moved, the way she danced,
It was not long till I was entranced.

Her smile, her laughter, her eyes, her grace,
Filled up all the empty space.
Her eyes pierced my heart like a long shiny knife,
This made me wake up, she made me come alive.

She left a wound in my aching chest,
For of all that I’ve seen she was simply the best.
All too quickly the night neared ist end,
Now only she can my broken heart mend.

Her memory makes me last through the day,
Oh, why is my angel so far away?
I’ve seen the sun, the brightest light,
Out in the dark on a winters night.

I found the woman, so sweet so true.
Niko, oh Niko, I long for you.
Niko, oh Niko, can you hear me call?
Without your love I will certainly fall.

Jan Wendler
14 January 1998

Only saw her for one night as we lived on other continents…


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