Shipwrecked in the sea of love,
Slowly going down.
The wind so strong, the sea so rough,
I’m slowly going down.

My ship was proud until it crashed,
And left me here alone.
Into a reef one night we smashed,
Thus now I can’t reach home.

Using all my might to stay alive,
To catch a breath of air,
Now all I hope is you’ll be there,
That god will treat me fair.

Hope is all that I have left,
For someone to rescue me.
She’ll ride her ship and track me down,
So that I will be free.

I’m a convict but my crime was love,
Love for which I’d die.
Now I’m imprisoned in the sea of love,
But to survive I’ll try.

Jan Wendler

Lovesick ftw^^ LOL I remember writing this while on a bus ride in turkey ????


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