First Love

First Love

There’s too many people full of too many worries,
There’s too many people full of too many stories.
There’s too many hearts with too little love,
Too many hearts that don’t have enough.

Now life as I know it is no longer there,
And the world that I live in is no longer fair.
All dreams I once had have gone up in smoke,
There’s nothing left to dream or to hope.

And as the book of life slowly turns its page,
I notice myself becoming of age.
But unfortunately rage is all I can feel,
The rage, the sadness of how my heart she did steal.

I was a loner, friends I had few,
She was a beauty but lonely too.
One night, sitting by myself again,
She chose me before the other men.

Soon everyone knew she was mine,
We were together all the time.
Only my heart still didn’t know,
It never learnt love it should show.

Like this she soon felt it could not go on,
Together something always went terribly wrong.
By summer she then felt she better go,
For my true feelings she never did know.

She’ll never find out what I felt for her,
She’ll never know I’m now in despair.
My angel left, she went out of my life,
My heart was pierced by a rusty knife.

I never had the guts to love once more,
My heart never healed, it felt too sore.
The pain when she left was by far too great,
Now I fear that all is too late.

Jan Wendler

Woah, I wrote this thinking back about the first time I really fell in love. I was 21 at the time of writing and all I was was heartbroken, lonely and thinking life was so unfair.


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