The Daily Routine

The Daily Routine

I wake up in the morning and get ready for work,
Maybe today I’ll not act this jerk.
I get in the train, and then she steps in,
It’s now that all my dilemmas begin.

I look at her and don’t know what I see,
I’m scared that with her I’d no longer be free.
But without her I cannot stop to ponder,
How she smells, how she feels or how she tastes, I wonder.

When I look at her I wonder who she is,
Is she a goddess from heaven or from hell a kiss?
Is she just like me and my buds?
A simple human made of flesh and blood?

When she doesn’t see me I wonder why,
But when she looks I blush real shy.
Next she leaves and I’m full of pain,
Oh why did I play the jerk again?

Well, then comes the night when I lie in bed,
It’s then all these thoughts flood through my head.
If I wouldn’t always act the way I do,
Then in my bed she could tell me “I love you too”.

I think of her while drifting into my dreams,
How I hope it all will not stay how it seems.
At least I know that she’ll always be there,
Together with me in my dreams, everywhere.

Jan Wendler
20 February 1997

I guess we all know this. Riding to work, this gorgeous babe steps in the train and one starts dreaming…


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