When I lie down and go to bed,
I run to you inside my head.
When I reach you, then all I see,
Is your sweetness waiting for me.

What a kind thought,
This dream me has brought.
Thus now I shall make
It through the next day.

Sometimes I do not dream this,
Then my dream is the devil’s kiss.
I run to you, and what I find,
Freezes my heart, I wish I was blind.

It stabs my heart with a poisoned dart.
Kills my belief,
Fills me with grief.

Pleasure is so close to pain,
And what one sees is such a shame.
My heart cracked apart when I saw you there,
With someone else you yourself shared.

Jan Wendler

Wrote this during my apprenticeship. It’s not really about a woman but more life in general.


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