The Child

The Child

You are the child of laughter and grace,
Those are the lines written on your face.
You’re dark hair shining in the evening light,
You’re smile, binding me in the darkest night.

You are the child that comes in my sleep,
The one, so often, for whom I weep.
I see you, with my inner eye,
It’s then I know you are no lie.

You are the child, the one and only,
Without your love, the world is lonely.
In the midst of crows you are a dove,
My dove, sweet one, my immortal love.

When I see you, I become alive,
When I see you, warmth does arrive.
When I see you, the pain is gone,
When I see you, I know good has won.

If I am the desert, dying of thirst,
You are the cloud full of rain, please burst.
If I am the delinquent who has gone astray,
You’ll be the guide to show me the way.

These are the words I’ll always say,
To see you once more, I always pray.
I pray to god to make me strong,
So I can see where we belong.

Jan Wendler
01 November 1996

This was for a very special person I met when I was 15.


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