Another Dream

Another Dream

I dream my dream on every day
And always long for it to stay
I wish that someday it will be real
Thus exalted I will then just feel

The dream is perfume in my ear,
The scent I smell when you are near
Right know I wish I could once more
Dream my dream and not feel sore

Tomorrow will be another day
But I know this feeling will not go away
It will follow me into my sleep
It will cut me with its burning heat

A dream is like a vampires kiss
You’ve got to believe me when I tell you this
First it makes you feel so fine
But then it ends up the ultimate crime

A dream, perfume, drifting in a breeze
It won’t come back so it can please
Once it is gone it will stay away,
No matter what you do or what you say.

Jan Wendler
25. October 1996

Same girl as the previous poem. She lived in another country and I only met her visiting a friend.


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