A Dream

A Dream

The night sheds its beauty when you step into sight,
You shine like a star, so incredibly bright.
When you’re not here, I am so alone,
It’s then I remember, how on me you shone.

But alas, that time is now past,
Yet in my memory, it will always last.
Right now, all that I want to see,
Your smile, your laugh, just be with me.

Soon I will come out of this dream,
But everything may not stay how it seems.
Maybe someday, fate will prepare,
A life for us, no matter where.

Every deed is worth doing for you,
Hell I’d enter, and go right through,
The devil I’d meet, and leave behind,
For my intention is as good as your love is kind.

We are so young, such a long way to go,
With you it’s all clear, that, I just now.
In my dreams, you’ll always shine,
Today tomorrow, all the time.

These words are clumsy, some rhymes are poor,
But the meaning is honest, of that I am sure.
You’ve got to believe me, these feelings are true,
And smile, my darling, for this poems for you.

Jan Wendler

This was my first poem… I remember it was for this girl who was visiting my best friend in her vacation… but like so often nothing ever happened. She never even saw this 🙂


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