One thing you can’t plan is life


at the moment I do not know if this site is going to be maintained. Too many life changers happened in the past years.

Meanwhile I live in Paraguay. I moved there with Norman, my band colleague. All my energy is going into creating a life here and music, not much room left for poetry. I find songtexts easier to write anyway, less rules 😉

Future music is going to be released on Facebook and a Bandpage, so there’s not much room left for a poetry site. It is going to remain online at

Please feel invited to visit my new page, 

which is a blog about my “escape into a new life”.

Peace everyone

Jan Wendler


Crazy Music Video Project over the weekend

Last weekend was pretty hardcore. Last thursday, after a couple of beers, a friend musician and I decided to make a music video to a song that wasn’t even recorded. We had until Wednesday morning to finish it. It was 1 day planning and getting people (we were like 5 to 6 involved), 1 day filming and 2 days producing. We finished just in time (sleeping like 4 hours in the last 2 days).

Here is the first Music Video by my friend Patrik, “Neues Leben” (as I’m writing in english I might as well translate it, “New Life”)

Here goes:


Breath of Heaven

The dark of an alley,
T’was a wonderful sight,
Could it be an angel
That descended tonight?

Memory is just a blur,
Emotion that shines bright.
Deep Inside it feels so right,
This all fulfilling light.

Felt the breath of heaven,
With eyes of cobalt blue.
Was touched by an angel,
And suddenly I knew.

Jan Wendler


The “Life’s a Bitch” Chronicles

I grew up with a few of these life’s a bitch sayings as in “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” I think I first saw a saying with “Life’s am bitch…” in a movie with Christian Slater, “Kuffs” I think, written on a wall, but I could be mistaken.

It was always fun to think up new ones and I’ll post them here if I think of any. That’s why it’s  called chronicles. Let’s start.

Life’s a bitch 

Life’s a bitch and then you die

Life’s a bitch and then you marry one and then you die.

Life’s a bitch and then you marry one and then you become one and then you die

Life’s a bitch and then you become one and then you get aids and then you die

Life’s a bitch and Elvis lives

Life’s a bitch and then you fuck one and then you get aids and then you die

Life’s a bitch

Life’s a bitch with chocolate and cherry on top

Life’s a bitch with chocolate and cherry on top with  sugar and ice cream

Life’s a bitch but if you’re lucky you’ll wake up





Ein bekannter, aber meist übertrieben dargestellter Brauch ist das Herstellen von Voodoo-Puppen, die oft einem bestimmten Menschen nachgebildet sind. … Durch das Stechen in die Puppe oder durch das Durchbohren mit Nadeln sollen dem Betroffenen Schmerzen zugefügt werden. Seltener als zum Schadenszauber werden Voodoo-Puppen aber zum Heilen von Kranken benutzt. – Wikipedia

Manchmal wünschte ich Du wärst ne Puppe aus Stroh,
durch einen Zauber würdest Du mich lieben lichterloh.

Dann wären wir vereint.

Eine Puppe sie hat kein Herz,
keine Puppe kennt wahren Schmerz,
Puppen haben keinen Willen,
kein Feuer in ihren Pupillen.

Ich wünsche daß Du Du selbst bist,
ich wünsche daß Du ehrlich sprichst.
Ich wünsche Dein innerstes zu kennen,
denn so bist Du es Wert für Dich zu kämpfen.

Jan Wendler

Haben wir alle uns nicht schon mal gewünscht jemand bestimmtes würde einen lieben? Tja, ich hab mir halt vorgestellt, was wäre wenn ich durch ne Voodoo-Puppe die Gedanken von jemandem beeinflussen könnte … und die Konsequenzen 😉