About This Page

Poetry and Songs of a cynical, logical,    romantic dreamer

Hello there. Writing poems and just saving them to my harddisc is becoming pretty boring… 2012 I started on the guitar and the idea of this page began to grow. I plan to make music for the greater half of this century and I like the thought of having a place I can look back in the future that keeps track of my (or lack of) progress 🙂

Poetry and songs… the poetry business is working, the first couple of songs are in the making. The instrumental at the top is from a work in progress song we’re currently working on 🙂 I hope to start filling up the music section some time 2016 2017 (Update December 2016) if things work out 🙂

Grownbeginners.com? The idea is pretty simple, I find that too much self confidence often is blinding and I like the sound of it 🙂

Cynical, logical, romantic dreamer? If right now you are thinking that I have too many personal problems and should make up my mind then read the first 2 or 3 paragraphs of the about myself section. There lies the explanation.

My poems can be found here. For  other poems from different authors or quotes  please use the menus above. Also, there is a Links section with some great pages for music lovers and/or guitar players. And some other pages I find worthwhile.


Please visit the blog to see updates 🙂