Getting started in Paraguay

Aquiring essentials to survive

I woke up out of my fatigue induced coma because some chicken on steroids were having a party at around 8:00 am. After breakfast we headed to the Bonima, the supermarket around the corner. Headed… well not exactly. The problem is I forget when I listen, but most of the time I don’t even listen. And only I had been told. We had no clue how to get there. We knew it wasn’t far but we managed to walk in all wrong directions before we found it. Truth by elimination does work 🙂

We even found a bank next door to the Bonima so the Euro Problem was solved. After discovering that bags are not allowed into banks we left for the Bonima. There we bought basics like Yebra Mate, Coconut Shampoo and a bit of food. We headed back to the apartment.

Part 1 of our quest completed.

About 100 meters before we reached “home” we saw these bikers next to the road standing in the shade. Norman was carrying our Photocamera so they immediately smilied and started shouting “Photo, Photo”. Ofcourse we obliged and started communicating with google-translate. That was really funny! We translate english to spanish and show them the mobile, one of them takes the mobile and translates spanish to english 😀 Having exchanged numbers we were happy to have made our first local friends and went back home to take a dip in the pool. After that we tasted some nice herbs that we organized with a little help to our new “Photo Photo” friends 😀 Yes! Nice!

Part 2 of our quest completed


I’m sitting up all night working on the website, playing around with social media buttons, galleries and what not, so I figured I do something useful for a change. :-/

Check out the map below, the red dot furthest to the to right, that’s where we come from. Far far away on the left, well, quiet everybody, this is……



The dots in between are transit airports (an excuse to test the plugin functionality).

Two weeks before departure

My best friend and I are going to visit Paraguay from the 8 till the 23 of March. We’re both from Hamburg, Germany and although it’s only a short vacation it could change our lives forever. If we like it there we’ve decided to move there entirely by the end of the year! 😀 Well, let’s see if that works out…

Anyway, for the vacation (and everything to follow) we bought a nice camera. None of as have had any experience with photography so far, so we are using the time left to practice. Here are some of the shots we made in the past days:


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